The Role of APIs in modern financial technology – feat. Erin Wester

Episode 03

“Like everything in mortgage, integrations can be complicated.”

That’s true in the sense that technology itself is complicated and getting it all to work together can be too. But when you choose the right partner and share a common purpose, complications become far easier to navigate. In the case of Dark Matter Technologies and Optimal Blue, two companies that have successfully partnered in the past, there’s no mystery as to why we choose to work together—we do so because our companies share a belief that integrating our products creates better solutions for our customers.

With Dark Matter and Optimal Blue orbiting together now under the ownership of Constellation Software, we are even further incentivized to work together going forward.

This month, we meet Erin Wester, vice president of product management at Optimal Blue, who directs the strategy, development and support teams for the Optimal Blue product, pricing and eligibility (PPE) engine. Her support of the company’s API-first strategy led to the creation of a complete API library that digitally connects hundreds of clients and 70+ third-party tech vendors to integrate accurate loan pricing into a lender’s technology stack for increased pricing transparency and efficiency. Erin is also responsible for the Optimal Blue client integrations team, which supports the direct integration of Optimal Blue’s secondary marketing capabilities with loan origination systems (LOSs) including the Empower® LOS.

We asked Erin to share the “secret sauce” behind Optimal Blue’s collaborations and strategy for its powerful PPE platform, which was recently enhanced to support location-based pricing incentives and lead-quoting, and where she sees artificial intelligence fitting into the overall mortgage equation.

While not giving away any trade secrets, Erin shared her insider’s view, where she sees the market heading and what’s next for Optimal Blue’s PPE platform.