The right way to adopt AI with mortgage technology – feat. Blake Gibson

Episode 01

We’ve adopted the maxim, “AI won’t replace your job, but someone with AI will.” In other words, we think AI and machine learning are crucial in enhancing human capabilities, but they will never displace people entirely.

We’ve worked with AI and machine learning for more than a decade with the goal of reshaping the industry landscape with seamless, efficient and automated experiences. That said, we approach AI a little differently than other folks. Our development teams include scientists, technologists and legal experts working together to improve our Empower LOS software and innovative mortgage origination technology products such as AIVA virtual assistants and the Exchange platform. We feel it takes this full circle of expertise to build a logical and safe path to automate manual, repetitive processes with the goal of freeing your staff to focus on higher-level decision-making.

We know many mortgage lenders have concerns about AI — and those concerns are heightened by headlines of misuse. However, we can assure you that Dark Matter understands those concerns and is using AI in our products in a responsible way to help humans do their jobs more efficiently. We take our role in providing “guardrails” very seriously to ensure our tools meet all regulatory requirements and enhance your ability to lend with confidence.

We believe the mortgage industry has barely scratched the surface of AI and machine learning’s potential, and those technologies will undoubtedly play a transformative role ahead. To explain how we research and test AI for use in tools like Empower LOS, we’re speaking with  Blake Gibson, EVP & General Counsel, who serves as our head of product, legal and compliance.  Blake is an attorney and technologist. He’s been with Dark Matter Technologies for about 10 years and helps guide and safeguard our mission to provide the market’s best technology and push the fintech industry forward.