How to build purpose-driven technology vs hopping on tech trends – feat. Stephanie Durflinger

Episode 02

“Developing technology for the sake of doing so is useless.”

Those 10 words pretty much sum up Dark Matter’s philosophy when it comes to deciding to build or integrate. As both a startup and a company with decades of technology experience, we have a unique vantage point that lets us discern when to develop a technology and when to pass. While others may chase ideas that sound cool or are getting a lot of ink, we carefully consider the angles of each new idea and ask ourselves, “What’s the real value here?”

We’re pretty accurate when it comes to measuring what matters. Over the years we’ve invested plenty of time and resources to develop a deep understanding of the challenges faced by lenders of all sizes and their customers trying to buy or refinance a home. The bottom line is that both lender and borrower deserve technology that improves the mortgage process, saves time and money and is intuitive. This institutional barometer guides us to ideas with merit versus the noise, to ensure we can meet the industry’s biggest challenges head-on.

We’re not an island in these efforts. We’re building an ecosystem of like-minded innovators who want to use the Empower® loan origination system and our APIs as building blocks for lighting their own paths. Affiliating with those inside and outside our space benefits our product teams and our customers because we can capture innovation wherever it’s happening and act as both a filter and amplifier.

This month, Dark Matter’s Chief Product Officer Stephanie Durflinger shares her insights on our Spotlight podcast. Stephanie is a 15-year mortgage technology veteran who joined Dark Matter in 2023, previously holding key positions at ICE Mortgage Technology and Ellie Mae. Having worked with much of Dark Matter’s leadership in the past, her transition has been seamless.

As Dark Matter contemplates its future product directions, we’re proud to have Stephanie holding the lantern leading us forward.