Regulatory Assist

Loan-level compliance testing matched to the way you work.

AIVA® Regulatory Assist makes it possible to significantly streamline compliance testing by embedding client-controlled processes directly into your preferred workflow. Conveniently create real-time tasks and loan conditions within your loan origination system (LOS).

Reduce cost and time of loan-level compliance testingConfigure to support your individual preferencesSee trends and identify problems with embedded BI tools

Stressed about compliance?

Regulatory Assist Findings Report Overall risk level alert

Smart reporting made understandable

At a glance, assess the overall loan risk and see a complete list and description of all conditions that need clearance. This enables on-the-go issue remediation and eliminates the scramble to make corrections late in the process.

Federal and State compliance reporting

Cover the expansive scope of federal and state compliance checks

With AIVA Regulatory Assist, change tolerance levels to suit your standards, and even remove testing for regulations that do not apply. It automatically returns detailed reports identifying the overall loan risk, and the status of each individual test based on client-configured scores.

Search and sort report findings

Saved and stored for convenient review

All test results are saved as a PDF and stored for future reference, and can also be viewed through business intelligence dashboards. Drill deep into the loan, see current activity and review historical compliance testing results for additional insights.

Realize time savings in compliance testing

AIVA Regulatory Assist significantly helps reduce the costs and time associated with loan-level compliance testing. Routine work is automated, enabling you to focus on the issues that demand more attention.

Quick link validation

When a status response or message is presented, one click takes you to the correlating screen in your LOS—automatically. Meaningless and frustrating hunting for information is essentially eliminated.