New workflow in the Empower LOS makes it easier for mortgage lenders to consider rent payments when qualifying first-time homebuyers

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Dark Matter and Informative Research team up to help lenders improve pull-through for borrowers who have a history of consecutive rent payments

Jacksonville, Fla., January 23, 2024 — Dark Matter Technologies (Dark Matter), an innovative new leader in mortgage technology backed by time-tested loan origination software and leadership, today announced the availability of a new, automated workflow in the Empower® loan origination system (LOS) that makes it easier for lenders to identify and qualify loan applicants who could benefit from evaluation of their positive rent payment history. Developed in partnership with Informative Research utilizing the positive rent payment history enhancement in Fannie Mae’s Desktop Underwriter® (DU®), the workflow in the Empower LOS is configured to allow lenders to improve pull-through for borrowers who have a history of consecutive rent payments.

Fannie Mae’s positive rent payment history enhancement was introduced with the goal of promoting equitable and sustainable homeownership among renters with limited credit histories. By leveraging 12-month asset verification reports furnished by authorized providers such as Informative Research’s AccountChek®, and by using an integrated LOS such as the Empower platform, lenders can harness Fannie Mae’s DU automated underwriting system can take into account positive rent payment data when assessing the creditworthiness of certain first-time homebuyers. According to Fannie Mae, as of Q4 2023, 5,600 mortgage applications have benefitted from the borrower’s positive rent payment history by being deemed approve-eligible. Forty-one percent of the applicants who benefitted identified as Black or Latino/Hispanic.

“Using positive rent payment history in credit evaluations is one of several ways Fannie Mae is improving access to affordable homeownership that supports our commitment to our mission and strong credit underwriting standards,” said Peter Skarnulis, Fannie Mae Vice President of Single-Family Digital Management Solutions. “This new workflow makes it more practical for lenders to take advantage of this feature, which can help more first-time homebuyers qualify for a home loan.”

The Empower LOS makes it easy for lenders to consider a borrower’s positive rent payment history early in the loan process using business-friendly configurations rather than code. Here’s how it works behind the scenes:

  • When a loan application is submitted to DU through Borrower Digital (or another front-end application integrated with the Empower LOS) and does not initially receive an approve-eligible recommendation, DU will determine whether rent payment data could provide a more favorable recommendation.
  • If the DU findings recommend evaluating the applicant’s rent payment history, the automated engine within the Empower system will suggest obtaining a 12-month asset verification report through AccountChek. The Empower LOS will play the role of the conductor, ensuring the consumer-permissioned asset data gathered from AccountChek is routed for resubmission to DU at exactly the right point in the process as identified by the originator.
  • By automating an additional opportunity for borrowers to receive loan approval and move forward, Dark Matter and Informative Research are contributing to Fannie Mae’s ongoing efforts to help more renters realize their dream of homeownership.

“This is a prime use case of how business process automation can create value not only for lenders but for borrowers as well,” said Rich Gagliano, CEO of Dark Matter Technologies. “Our task-based orchestration engine allows lenders to improve pull-through for borrowers with nontraditional credit references without burdening loan officers or processors.”

“Enhancements to lender workflow that make innovative and equitable solutions practicable are a huge step toward making meaningful change,” said Informative Research SVP of Marketing and Product Craig Leabig. “Our goal is to blend technology with business process and verification products to improve outcomes.”

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