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Our only goal is to help you build your optimal tech stack. That’s why at Dark Matter, our ecosystem enables you to integrate the services of leading technologies to do what’s right for your business. Through our proven APIs, technology partners, and service provider network, we’ll work to elevate the way you work. Can we make some introductions?

“I want to open things up so that it’s not just our own innovation. We have to create an ecosystem that allows all of the companies that are innovating the opportunity to work with us and bring things to our lenders.”

Stephanie Durflinger
Chief Product Officer

Stephanie Durflinger

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Integration Partners

Arch US MI Services Inc.









Essent Guaranty

Factual Data

Fannie Mae

First American Data & Analytics

Freddie Mac


Global Payments


Ice Mortgage Technologies

Informative Research




National MI





Wolters Kluwer

Exchange Credit

Optimize profitability, manage costs, prevent fraud and mitigate risk.

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Advantage Credit, Inc

Avantus by Xactus

Birchwood Credit Services, Inc


Certified Credit

Certified Credit Reporting

CIC Credit

Cisco Credit

Clear Choice Credit

CoreLogic Credco

Credit Information Systems

Credit Plus by Xactus

Credit Technologies

Equifax Credit

Information Searching Company

Informative Research

Partners Credit & Verification Solutions

SARMA Credit

Service 1st

Universal by Xactus

Xactus, LLC

Exchange Verifications

Access data and deep insights with day-one certainty to help accelerate time to close.

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CoreLogic AutomatIQ


Equifax Verifications Services



Veri-Tax, LLC

Exchange Valuations

Deliver accurate, cost-effective property valuations into the loan file and GSE portals.

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Corelogic FNC CMS

ServiceLink Valuation Solutions

Accurate Group

AssetVal Inc

Solidifi US Inc.

Altisource Appraisal


Corelogic Mercury Network

Voxtur Appraisal Services, LLC

First American Valuations

Valuation Connect, LLC

Stewart Valuation Intelligence

Dart Appraisal


Allstate Appraisal, L.P.

PCV/Murcor, Inc.

MTS Group, LLC

Synovus Appraisal Department

Stewart Valuation Services, LLC

ValueLink Software

Harpley Appraisal Management LLC


Global DMS

Class Valuation

Appraisal Services Group/ASG

InCenter Appraisal Management

Collateral Valuations Group

Equity Valuation Partners

Nationwide Appraisal Network


North Coast Valuations

International Valuation Group

Financial Asset Services, Inc.

American Reporting Company

Clear Capital

Nations Valuation Services

Broad Street Valuations, Inc.

Appraisal Solutions and Products, LLC

Triserv Appraisal Management

Homegenius Real Estate

Axis Appraisal Management Solutions

Niemi Appraisal Placement Co, Inc

Brentwood Property Appraisal Inc

Old Republic Servicing Solutions Provider

Apple Appraisal, Inc.

Settlement One Provider

NationalLink Vision Provider

Appraisal Nation, LLC.

TrUnion Appraisal Services

Pemco Limited

The Property Science Group, Inc

RG Appraisal Services

KMG Appraisal Group LLC

Arrowbase Technologies

Capital Appraisal Inc.

Ridener Appraisal Service, Inc

Major Appraisals, Inc.

Frank Ciotta & Associates, Inc.

Gizzi Appraisals, LLC

Norman, Hubbard and Associates, Inc

Diamond Hill Appraisal

O'Halloran Appraisal Services, LLC

White Appraisal Co., Inc.

Figueroa and Associates

Prescott Appraisal Service, Inc.



Beretta Appraisal Co.

Keegan Appraisal Company

Preferred Appraisal Services

Adelman Appraisals Inc.

Lancia Appraisal

Fisher Appraisal Services Inc

Arnold M. Schwartz & Associates, Inc.

Biskamp and Associates, Inc.

Aucamp,Dellenback and Whitney

Mark Bond & Company, Inc.

Frank Raimondi and Associates Inc

Miller Samuel Inc.

Byars Appraisal Service

MCA Valuation & Advisory

Integra Realty Resources

ASAP Appraisal Solutions

Real Estate Appraisal Professionals

GRE Group Inc.

K-JET Appraisal, LLC

Martone & O'Toole Appraisal Company, Inc.

Eshelman Appraisals, Inc.

Lansford & Associates

Elliott, Gottschalk & Associates, Inc.

Koch Appraisal & Consulting

Patrick Haley

Across America Appraisals INC

AMC Appraisal Company

Austin Appraisal

Bowley Moore Appraisal Centre, Inc.

Brubaker & Associates, Inc.

Metropolitan Appraisers, Inc.

Rick Hiton & Associates

Adam Sieth

Duncan Appraisals

1st Appraisal Source

Beacon Appraisal Services, Inc.

Maloney Appraisal Inc.

McMahon, Baldwin and Associates, Inc.

Proappraisals LLC

St. Croix Valley Appraisals Inc

ACT Appraisal

Lauritano Appraisal Services

Sielken Davis LLC.

St. John Appraisal

SWBC Lending Solutions

Elite Appraisal, Inc.

J. Rae & Company, Inc.

JB Appraisal

Mahon and Rutledge Appraisal Group

Pope Azeltine, Inc.

Reape, Jeffers & Associates, Real Estate Appraisers

Venture Appraisal Inc.

C.R. Pollard & Company

Countywide Appraisers Inc.

H R Appraisals, LLC

Tice Appraisals LLC

JDM Real Estate Company

Redding Appraisal Group, LLC

Service 1st Valuation

Penfield, Inc.

Eric B. Baumholtz, IFA

Linda Braley Real Estate Appraisal Service, Inc.


Appraisal Valet Inc

Home Value Appraisals

Marc S. Safner, SRA

Mason Appraisal Services

Tom Malone


CG Appraisal Services

Hartung Appraisal Company, LLC

John P. Malone & Associates

ACI Realty, LLC

Adams Appraisals

Boyd Smith Appraisal Services

Cape Cod & Islands Appraisal Group, LLP

Coen Appraisals, LLC

Falcon Appraisal Service

JLS Appraisal Associates, Inc.

JMSP, Inc.

Peninsula Real Estate Appraisal

Pinnacle Performance, INC

Rogers & Taylor Appraisers, Inc.

Steven M Knobel

Bigger Appraisal Service

Brittex Appraisal Services, Inc.

Fluhmann Appraisals

Hamptons Appraisal Service

Market Appraisal Group

Nations Valuation Services Ohio

Peak Appraisal Service, Inc.

Reynolds Associates

Tahoe Valuation Services, Inc.

Valbridge Property Advisors

Amrock, Inc.

Carol Vergara & Associates

Clark & Marshall Appraisers

Denlinger Appraisal Associates

Foley Appraisal

Fonzi Title

Hartley Appraisal Service

Jane A. Lawrence

LSI East

Pacific Property Appraisal

Peconic County Appraisal Service Inc.


The Jordan Real Estate Group

Tollefson Appraisal LLC

Dina Miller Associates

Julia A Lee, SRA, RA & Linda Coneen, MRA, SRA

Market Valuation Services

Radian Settlement Services Inc - Title


UNFCU Mercury Network Appraisal Provider

Vincent L. Lorrain & Assc

Action Appraisals

CJ Bruns, Inc

Dean Mangione, SRA

Ebert Appraisal Service, Inc.

Michael Howard RE Appraiser

New York Realty Services, LLC

Pack Appraisal Company

Suburban Appraisals Inc.

Westerberg Appraisals LLC

Appraisal Management Services of America, Inc.

Appraisers Coop

Big Sky Appraisal Services, Inc.

Davenport Appraisers

Jennifer Heath, LLC

John Carlson & Associates-Citi Bank

Landmark Appraisal & Realty Group

Nick Grace, Residential Appraisal Services

Real Estate Appraisals

Rocky Mountain Appraisals

Savage Appraisal Services, Inc.

Tom Thurow Residential Real Estate Appraiser

AMC Links

Bloom Appraisers, Inc.

Brian Harness

Bridger Appraisals, Inc.

Maui Aina Appraisal Company

Mitchell and Associates Inc.


Wendt Appraisal Services Inc

Exchange Title, Closing & Document Signing

Order title, closing, signing services and monitor exceptions, conditions, and fees.
See our top 100+ providers.

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Accurate Group

Williston Financial Group Lender Services

Solidifi US Inc.

Title 365

Nick DeSumma

Stewart Centralized Title Services

Mortgage Connect LP

Altisource Title

Vylla Title

Radian Settlement Services Inc.

Orange Coast Title Company


First American Title Company

Boston National

Equity National

Atlas Title Company

Closing USA, LLC

Timios, Inc.

Chicago Title

NationalLink Provider

First American Mortgage Services

MTS Group, LLC

Fidelity National Title

Tower Title

Old Republic

Kensington Vanguard National Land Services

NCS Placer Title

Elevated Title, LLC.

Closing Insight

TitleOne, LLC

Priority Title & Escrow, LLC

Nations Lending Services - Kansas

Mortgage Information Services

Equity Settlement Services, Inc. & Puleo Delisle, PLLC

Thomas A. Toscano PC

Amrock, Inc.

First American Data Tree

Knight Barry Title

Lawyers Title

Priority Settlement Group of Texas, LLC

WFG Title Company

Ligris and Associates, P.C.

Title First Agency

Ticor Title

Gulotta Grabiner Law Group, PLLC

American Eagle Title Group, LLC

Customized Lenders Services

Wexler & Kaufman, PLLC

U.S. Title

Mavrides Moyal Packman Sadkin LLP

States Title

Abrams Garfinkel Margolis Bergson, LLP

Mollica, Gall, Sloan & Sillery, Co. LPA

Alliance Title & Escrow Corp

Ligris & Associates, PC

Stiene & Associates, P.C.

Chaves Perlowitz Luftig LLP

Kopel & Rosenberg LLP

First Integrity Title Company

Grid151 LLC

Transtar National Title

Serenity Title and Escrow, Ltd.

Dalton & Finegold, LLP

Reis Cooper LLP

Romanick & Skolnick, PLLC

Glenn A. Krebs, Esq.

Weidenbaum & Harari, LLP

Law Office of Yeung and Wang PLLC

Shupack & Hardy, LLP

New England Title & Escrow Services

Peters & Sowyrda

Attorneys Title & Closing Service LLC

David A,. Keele & Associates, LLC

Berry & Associates, LLP

Romer Debbas, LLP

Schwartz Levine Pinkas Stark PLLC

TitleSmart, Incorporated.

A Absolute Escrow Settlement Services Co., Inc.

David M. Gladstone PC


Law Offices of Martin H. Pollack, PC

Moore & Alphin, PLLC

Walker Title, LLC

CornerStone Title Company

Watermark Title Agency

Patriot Closing, L.P.

The Law Firm of Ryan J. Walsh & Associates PLLC

Doyle & Wallace, PLLC.

Richard H Lee, Esq

Community Settlement - Harrisburg

Grace Chun & Associates, LLC

Trident ABstract Title Agency, LLC

Wasker Dorr Wimmer & Marcouiller PC

Black, Slaughter & Black, P.A.

Menicucci Villa Panzella Calcagno PLLC

Founders Title

Sweeney & Sweeney

Hinson Faulk, P.A.

Hastings Gartin & Boettger, LLP

Inyo-Mono Title Company

Kaplan, Kaplan & DiTrapani LLP

Great Plains Title


Steven Bantz, Esq.

Guardian Title & Trust, Inc.

Law Office of Vincent M. Cella PLLC

Nicole M. Cardiello, Esq., P.C.

Bayou Title, Inc.

McMichael and Gray, PC

Security 1st Title LLC

United Title & Escrow Services, LLC

Corner Escrow, inc.

Glen Oaks Escrow

Knipp Law Office, PLLC

TitleSmart, Inc.

Bagwell Holt Smith P.A.



Law Office of Richard R. Rodriguez, P.C.

Law Offices of Jane Carbonaro Arrabito

O'Kelley & Sorohan

Peninsula Land & Title

Tropics Title Services, INc.

Ward & Taylor LLC

Westminster Title Company

CW Title - Bellevue

D. Wesley Jordan, P.C.

David L. Huguenin, PC

Greater Illinois Title - Provider

Lee & Cheung, PLLC

Mariners Escrow

Weeks & Irvine, LLC

Exchange Fraud

Stay ahead of mandatory fraud monitoring with integrated Exchange Fraud partner solutions.

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CoreLogic LoanSafe


Exchange Flood

Get accurate flood zone determinations based on current federal regulations.

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American Flood Research

CBC Companies

CoreLogic Flood Services

Ice Mortgage Data & Analytics

Lereta Tax & Flood Services

Radian Settlement Services Inc