Empower® / Dark Matter Technologies divestiture client FAQs.


On September 14, 2023, the Perseus Operating Group of Constellation Software Inc., acquired Black Knight Origination Technologies, LLC, which today is announcing its rebranding and is now known as “Dark Matter Technologies LLC.”

The same team you engage with today, consisting of more than 1,300 of the industry’s most knowledgeable and experienced professionals, are coming with Dark Matter Technologies—this includes the entire management team of what was previously the Black Knight origination technologies division. Constellation also has a proven track record in product development and customer support and is a great fit for Dark Matter Technologies customers and partners. We believe that our new ownership structure will enable Dark Matter Technologies to operate with the urgency of a start-up while leveraging the maturity gained over many years as one of the industry’s leading technology providers.

Constellation—through its operating groups including Perseus—acquires, manages, and builds vertical market software businesses that provide mission-critical software solutions. Further information about Perseus may be obtained from its website at www.csiperseus.com.

As a technology provider that is part of the Constellation family, Dark Matter Technologies’ goal is to continuously enhance the customer experience and ensure that the value delivered from your Dark Matter Technologies products will grow as your business evolves. Constellation sums up this goal as a commitment to creating customers for life.

Constellation and Perseus have a history of relying on the managers and employees of its subsidiaries to run their businesses well. Their goal is to embrace and create exceptional companies for the benefit of the end customer.

While Constellation is headquartered in Canada, Dark Matter Technologies will become part of the Perseus operating group of Constellation (headquartered in the U.S.). No customer data or products will be stored or hosted from Canada.


Together with Constellation and Perseus, Dark Matter Technologies is committed to ensuring a smooth and seamless transition for all customers. Importantly, Dark Matter intends to continue its established track record of significant investment in current and future products and creating competitive advantages for our clients.

Dark Matter Technologies includes the market leading Empower® LOS, all digital assets (POS for retail, correspondent, and wholesale, and Loan Officer Digital), the AIVA® and Exchange product lines and a copy of AIP, which will now be known as AIVA BI. Further, Dark Matter Technologies has the right to resell the products retained by ICE including SureFire, Expedite, DocVerify, and Ernst.


Dark Matter Technologies assumes full responsibility of all terms and conditions previously agreed to by Black Knight in the applicable Origination Technologies client agreements. As mentioned above, Dark Matter Technologies owns the material products and has a reseller right for the integrated components such as SureFire, Expedite, DocVerify, and Ernst. There is no need to sign a new contract as we, to the extent necessary, have already assigned the applicable Black Knight contracts to Dark Matter Technologies. No further action is required on the customer’s part.

Constellation has executed a Commercial Services Agreement (CSA) with ICE to maintain the full integrity of the Empower bundle as our clients currently have licensed and regularly rely upon. The solutions currently bundled with Empower—including Expedite, Ernst, and Surefire—will continue to be supported and delivered through the Empower ecosystem for a term of at least 12 years per the CSA. We are also excited that our partners at Optimal Blue are joining us under in Constellation operating group and look forward to extending and expanding our relationship with them for the mutual benefit of our Empower customers.

Dark Matter Technologies will continue to be your point of contact for any support issues concerning Empower or our integrated components. If additional expertise is required on components being owned and operated by ICE, our Dark Matter Technologies resources will engage ICE resources as required as a type of level 2 support, just as we do today with other components that are integrated yet owned by a separate vendor.

Account Relationship

Dark Matter Technologies will have the same account management and client support structure as previously. While we did undergo a modest reorganization in early September 2023, the vast majority of our clients have the exact same structure. Those clients who have new account managers have been assigned to some of our best and well experienced team members.

Please direct any questions you may have through your assigned account manager.


The resources who are working to support our clients today—from deployment to product to account and executive management—are transitioning to Dark Matter Technologies. As such, we do not see any impact to our implementation timelines.


Dark Matter Technologies will continue to provide the level of security, redundancy, and privacy our clients enjoy today.