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More than 16,000 interconnected service partners collaborating on one platform.

The Exchange℠ Service Network is a marketplace of fully connected lenders, servicers and service providers that helps manage electronic data exchange between them. Exchange connects all parties to do business electronically through a standard set of secure APIs integrated into notable systems of record such as the Empower® Loan Origination Suite from Dark Matter Technologies and the MSP platform from ICE, among others. All major settlement services are supported with a standard set of statuses relevant to each service. What’s more, all service providers communicate in the same way enabling lenders and servicers to plug and play their provider networks as needed.

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Streamline your workflow for ordering, tracking, and receiving mortgage products and servicesRules allow for automated selection of services with providers supporting allocations across multiple channelsExchange is integrated with lender, servicer and service provider systems of record—meaning all parties work within their preferred systems
Providers20+Credit10+Verifications250+Valuations16,000+Title, Closing & Document Signing Branches5+Fraud10+Flood

One system of record for loan and servicing settlement services

The Exchange℠ Service Network brings all critical closing services into a single platform where lenders and servicers can instantly order from and communicate with partners, and exchange data from each parties’ system of record. Dark Matter Technologies and service providers maintain the integrations, so they’re ready to use when the need arises.

The rules-based platform features comprehensive, client-configurable product selection, data aggregation, as well as centralized ordering. No longer will you need to access a third-party website for each service ordered, nor re-key critical loan or product data into the order or into the loan file. Encrypted data is sent securely with a push of a button so there’s no need to worry if you missed an email or phone call. All information is pushed into your system of record and is available instantly.

Work confidently, knowing there’s a full audit trail and document repository to back up every decision you make

Multiple provider options for each settlement serviceSecure encrypted communicationsFull audit trail generated automatically
There’s an Exchange solution for every closing step
Increasing dial on top of reports

Exchange Credit

Through Exchange Credit you can facilitate new mortgages, refinancing, and home equity loans based on borrower credit scores and reports, minimizing profit loss. You’ll enable better and more confident decisions with unsurpassed data and analytics on borrowers. Optimize profitability, manage costs associated with applicant fallout, prevent fraud and mitigate risk.

Smart features help your teams work efficiently

  • Quickly and accurately gather data from multiple sources to create a single, wholistic 360° view of the borrower
  • Support modern credit products such as pre-qualification soft pulls and bi-merge credit processes
  • Monitor changes to the credit industry and factor them into the platform, coordinating updates with your credit providers and understanding your compliance deadlines—at no additional cost to the lender or servicer

Credit Partners

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Exchange Verifications

With rich data and deep insights, this digital verification solution is critical to modern lending and servicing, accelerating time to close. With Exchange Verifications, coverage is enhanced, costs are reduced, efficiency is improved, and an exceptional borrower experience is the result. Smart features help your teams work efficiently.

  • Income Verification: Support for instant and consumer-permissioned verification with AI functionality to add missing identity documents or flag potential sources of new income
  • Employment Verifications: Employer payroll records and/or access to borrower financial records for checking, savings, 401(k) and brokerage accounts
  • Access to approved Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: Verification providers give lenders and servicers the opportunity for rep and warrant relief on income

Verifications Partners

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Exchange Valuations

With built-in residential property valuation capabilities, lenders and servicers gain a deeper understanding of comparable properties to account for other factors such as property condition, sales price history, and local valuation trends.

Exchange Valuations delivers accurate, timely, and cost-effective property valuations, feeding data directly into the loan file and to the GSE portals without the need to re-key data or leave your system of record.

Exchange monitors industry changes and stays ahead of GSE and FHFA requirements to make them available well in advance of any mandate.

  • Appraisal—Simplified, accurate, efficient appraisal management with expert support
  • AVM (Automation Valuation Models)—Connect to validated and tested providers
  • Property Inspections to supplement an AVM for HELOC lending, or support for the new GSE PDR and PDC products

Valuations Partners

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Exchange Title

Lenders and servicers can order in-person or electronic signing services on an as-needed basis. Store and manage legally binding documents from anywhere at any time. Everything is integrated into key title platforms such as Softpro, Ramquest and Resware. Consolidate critical closing documents including accurate title and closing fees for loan estimates and closing disclosures. Then order in-person or electronic signing services on an as-needed basis storing and manage legally binding documents from anywhere at any time.

  • Coverage for all the major US title entities down to the branch level
  • Send loan and closing documents securely, eliminating the need to email
  • Meet the demands of any given situation, choosing from a mix of insured and uninsured products

Title Partners

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Exchange Fraud

Stay ahead of mandatory fraud monitoring by employing an Exchange Fraud solution. You can identify and mitigate mortgage fraud risk associated with income falsification, identity theft, employment inconsistencies, undisclosed debt, straw borrowers and more.

  • Monitor and validate market, property, vendor, and borrower inputs providing a public records lookup of information provided by a third-party
  • Feed results directly into the loan record and alert staff immediately of any issues
  • Use proactively during servicing to help avoid and/or manage foreclosures, bankruptcies, and repurchases

Fraud Partners

Flood documentation with water depth chart

Exchange Flood

Determine the property’s flood insurance needs while staying in compliance with GSE mandated reporting. Get fast, accurate and reliable flood zone determinations based on up-to-date federal regulations.

  • Receive a flood determination within minutes for non-complex queries
  • Escalate manual review for complex situations and locations

Flood Partners