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The Empower® LOS. Originate, automate, and deliver like never before.

The all-in-one functionality of the Empower Loan Origination System provides an intelligently bundled platform, right out of the box. Every critical component needed by today’s lending professional is at your fingertips—POS, LOS, PPE, CRM, and AI/ML powered document management, an integrated network of third-party services, compliance testing, fee support and more. We’ll guide you through every step of the configuration process to ensure unrivaled automation efficiency, exceptional user experiences, and ultimately, borrower satisfaction. Get ready to empower your people, optimize the way they work, and future-proof your business.

At Dark Matter Technologies, we’re focused on guiding our clients with solutions that are responsive to current needs, and that can map a logical route to future scalability. Here’s how.

Looking to automate loan origination?

How the Empower LOS helps every user work smarter
Explore the Empower® LOS Ecosystem

An unsurpassed ecosystem of industry-leading solutions

The Empower LOS is a comprehensive, strategic, highly scalable, enterprise LOS. It delivers seamless integration of market-leading components, a configurable workflow engine, centralized data access and a secure, redundant, cloud-based infrastructure.

  • Workflow automation
  • Task-based workflows
  • Seamless vendor and API integrations
  • Multi-channel lending
  • Artificial intelligence support

Product, Pricing & Eligibility

The Empower LOS offers the most extensive LOS + PPE integration available, including an enhanced Optimal Blue PPE interface that meets the needs all users. There’s also exclusive Optimal Blue PPE functionality including:

  • Active pipeline monitoring
  • Automated push/pull queues
  • Side-by-side scenarios

Marketing & CRM

The Empower LOS offers direct integration with the industry’s leading marketing and mortgage CRM solutions. Through one solution you gain comprehensive insight across the entire borrower lifecycle to help you stand out from competitors:

  • Utilize proven and cultivated marketing campaigns
  • Slash implementation time with pre-configured CRM integrations

Point-of-sale Portals

Our one-user experience provides a dedicated loan officer portal that enables a deep view into the LOS with full functionality and connectivity. No LOS sync is required as all data and documents are stored in the Empower LOS database. Enable borrowers to:

  • Complete applications
  • Track status
  • View borrower facing conditions
  • Upload documents
  • Leverage secure lender communications
  • And more
Various loan origination channels overlaid on laptop computer interface

Support for every channel

Gone are the days of multiple loan origination systems for different channels. The Empower LOS supports all mortgage channels, enabling all aspects of your business to be managed on one platform. With it, you can quickly open doors to new mortgage lending opportunities as the marketplace cycles and provide originators with more ways to engage new borrowers, retain current customers and offer value-added solutions that build relationships. Do it all through a common user interface that simplifies adoption across all lines of business.

  • Retail Lending
  • HE/HELOC Lending
  • Wholesale Lending
  • Correspondent Lending
  • Assumptions
Rule selection on computer screen interface

Flexible and extensive configuration tools

The Empower LOS sets a new standard with its unmatched configurability, eliminating the need for coding or developer resources. This system puts the power of automation and customization directly into the hands of the business users, enabling timely adjustments to fit unique operation landscapes. At its core, the advanced orchestration engine enables seamless, efficient process automation aligned perfectly with your business needs.

  • User-driven configurability
  • Advanced orchestration engine
  • Operational flexibility
  • Reduced dependency on IT
Rules surrounding computer monitor showing an exception

Exception-based processes

As a true enterprise solution, the Empower LOS can automate decisions related to policies and guidelines to deliver an exception-based process. No developers are needed to write code to achieve dynamic workflows and task automation. The core of task-based workflows consists of lender-configured triggers activated by a change in any field in the Empower LOS, or in lender-created fields.

  • Configurable automation
  • Automated actions for lights-out processing
  • Conditional triggers determined by your team
Abstract data and files in background being brought into Empower interface on a laptop

Utilize AI to drive value for your business

Driving value through time and cost savings is a focal point of the Empower LOS. Leveraging the AIVA artificial intelligence platform from Dark Matter Technologies, automate document ingestion, indexing and data extraction to remove time-consuming tasks. The Empower LOS streamlines workflow, loan decisioning, condition management and document management automation to reduce costs and scale your team’s capability.
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