The Spotlight

A conversational podcast with innovators and leaders in the mortgage technology space.

Dark Matter Presents: The Spotlight. Episode 06

The Impact of Data and Consumer Sentiment on Housing – feat. Kyla Scanlon

Episode 06
In this episode of the Spotlight, Wes Horbatuck interviews Kyla Scanlon who is best known for conducting human-centric economic analysis…

Unpacking AI’s Impact – feat. Brian Swanson

Episode 05
Do you have AI F.O.M.O and not know where to start? The future of AI is bright, but it can…
Dark Matter Presents The Spotlight Episode 04

Transforming the mortgage landscape – feat. Melissa Langdale

Episode 04
In this episode of The Spotlight, we delve into the heart of innovation within the mortgage industry with Melissa Langdale,…
Dark Matter Presents The Spotlight Episode 03

The Role of APIs in modern financial technology – feat. Erin Wester

Episode 03
“Like everything in mortgage, integrations can be complicated.” That’s true in the sense that technology itself is complicated and getting…
Dark Matter Presents The Spotlight Episode 02

How to build purpose-driven technology vs hopping on tech trends – feat. Stephanie Durflinger

Episode 02
“Developing technology for the sake of doing so is useless.” Those 10 words pretty much sum up Dark Matter’s philosophy…
Dark Matter Presents The Spotlight Episode 01

The right way to adopt AI with mortgage technology – feat. Blake Gibson

Episode 01
We’ve adopted the maxim, “AI won’t replace your job, but someone with AI will.” In other words, we think AI…