AIVA® Docs

AI delivering value for your loan origination business.

Capture data and place it right where it needs to go.

AIVA Docs uses advanced technology to enable document classification, data abstraction, and analysis, all to support your decision-making. It will transform the way you work with machine learning-based predictive analytics on loan origination documents. For retail, home equity, and correspondent channels, AIVA Docs streamlines work and adds value to via intelligent automation.

14 Million document pages processed monthly

AIVA Docs processes more than 40 million pages quarterly, accelerating your throughput while improving accuracy.

Looking to scale your business?

Document classification, data abstraction, and analysis speeding up processes on a laptop computer

Embedded in the Empower® LOS

When you select the Empower LOS, AIVA Docs is already integrated, so it’s an effortless way to adopt the latest AI mortgage technology. And if you want to get more from a different LOS, you can still take advantage of our cognitive and artificial intelligence technology. We’ll take you through every step.

AIVA Docs advantages

  • Artificial intelligence assistant builds its own expertise
  • Web-based solution reduces cycle times and lowers costs
  • Automates routine tasks accurately, with an audit trail
Binary data filtered, examined, and brought into device in organized bins

The time-saving power of mortgage AI

AIVA Docs builds expertise over time. From reviewing insurance to validating borrower income, it reads, classifies, and enters data directly into your LOS. Essentially, it takes the first pass at loan documents so you can focus on managing relationships, exceptions and problem solving. What’s more, data pushed to the LOS can be traced to its original document.

Scalability icon

Scale your business without scaling your headcount.

What if you could significantly reduce the repetitive loan processing work for income, asset, and insurance verification? Well, you would reduce operating expenses dramatically and scale your business without adding personnel. That’s AIVA Docs.

Cloud security icon

Safe and secure. Cloud-based simplicity.

There’s nothing more important than confidential customer data. AIVA Docs learns through “generalized” content, so anything unique to your customers and your operation stays under lock and key, unattached to any individual. There is no software to manage and no system modifications to worry about. Leave the secure hosting and regular updates to us.

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Make Loan Officers more productive.

Human intervention has been reduced by more than 90% through AIVA automation.

Accuracy icon

Unsurpassed accuracy in document processing.

Overall, AIVA Docs product accuracy and turn time service level agreements were above 98% in one month processing almost 4 million pages.