Business intelligence for origination and servicing.

Today, data is king. Not just raw data, but rather information that’s packaged and delivered so your teams can make sense of it quickly to guide informed decisions. That’s Actionable Data, and the optimal platform will generate powerful insight to support strategic decision-making, risk mitigation, customer retention and operational efficiency.

The unrivaled mortgage origination analytics platform.

Present the right information at the right timeDeliver accurate and timely data for smarter decision makingGenerate strategic, proactive and actionable analytics

AIVA BI. Powerful intelligence for the way you run your business.

AIVA BI integrates extensive data assets including proprietary analytics and third-party systems data into an ever expanding data ecosystem. Ready for what AIVA can show you? Let’s go.

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The right data to the right people

Data is helpful when it doesn’t overwhelm. What the C-Suite wants is far from what the lending desk needs. AIVA BI packages targeted information and regular reporting that’s critical to different roles.

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Every angle, covered

AIVA BI provides more than 450 strategic, proactive and actionable analytics categories to provide insight into your mortgage origination operations. The AIVA BI Analytics catalog includes more than 30 pre-configured suites to help your business stay out front.

Inside the AIVA BI Origination Collection Suite

Access pre-configured operational and performance visualizations for:

First Mortgage Customers

Home Equity Opportunities

Correspondent Solutions

Wholesale Bundling

Workforce Management

Gain access to dashboards and metrics visualizations for:

Third-parties and ecosystem applications (Data Library Collection)

Metrics for compliance efforts and regulatory assist (Compliance Collection)

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