AIVA® Assist

Simplify processing, underwriting and post-close workflows.

Accelerate every mortgage process.

AIVA Assist combines artificial intelligence, advanced business rules and integrated decisioning capabilities to deliver robust automation and dynamic underwriting workflow. AIVA® Assist is a perfect complement to help experienced underwriters and post-closing professionals clear the desk of routine work.

Looking to scale your business?

Abstract underwriting process on computer monitor

Improve underwriting process quality and efficiency

Using AI, advanced business rules, and integrated decisioning capabilities AIVA Assist helps improves the quality and efficiency of the underwriting process.

  • Gain efficiencies through faster and smarter AI-driven workflows
  • Improve turn time with a digital interface and configurable rules
  • Deliver consistent results by streamlining downstream processes
  • Eliminate mundane stare-and-compare tasks
Various components in the background being brought into an underwriter decision interface on a computer monitor

Built by underwriters, for underwriters

AIVA Assist complements and enhances the work of experienced underwriters, specifically addressing quality and productivity challenges. It centralizes everything an underwriter needs in a sleek user interface. Everything is just a click away—conditions, documents, calculations, and more. The ease of underwriters reviewing loan scenarios helps them make confident decisions, leading to greater job satisfaction and talent retention.

Post closing automation on mobile phone interface

Simplify and automate the post closing process

The tool provides a single point of truth for all post-closing components, eliminating the need for manual data management. Goodbye spreadsheets. Adios hard drives.

Without AI tools, post closing is a slow, labor-intensive process—manually reviewing a collateral package takes hours. Reporting comes from varied sources and is frequently delayed. Investor charges for fee cures and loan package inconsistencies are costly. AIVA Assist breaks the routine, reducing hours to minutes using AI and rules.

Centralized functions icon

Centralize post closer functions

AIVA Assist has an intuitive UI that brings all post closer functions to one location. It’s a single system of record that tracks all key dates and milestones across multiple post-closing functions—that means transparency across multiple post-closing teams.

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One platform, many teams

AIVA Assist is one platform that serves collateral, shipping, insurance and trailing document management teams. Take advantage of roles-based access to configure user workflow management. Tie everything up nicely with post-closing specific reporting via AIVA BI.