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The Empower® LOS
Simplify loan origination. Streamline operations.


LOS Platform

The Empower Loan Origination System (LOS) is an industry-leading, multi-channel platform that helps every user work better. The biggest banks, the smallest credit unions and every type of financial institution in between rely on our ecosystem to transform the way they work, scale as needs change, and configure for the ever-changing mortgage origination landscape. The name says it all. Let’s go.

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AIVA® Automation
Get the grunt work done in a fraction of the time.


Virtual Assistants

AI isn’t just coming. It’s already here. We’re ready, with a team of scientists that have been deploying AI solutions for years. And now they are looking for new ways to automate parts of your workflow that you never dreamed of handing over to a virtual assistant. Some are hesitant to move too quickly on AI. But we think of AI differently, because with AIVA Automation, we’re “All In.”

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The Exchange
Service Network
Connect with +16,000 vendors. Communicate and collaborate securely.


Service Network

There are hundreds of moving parts in every mortgage loan transaction, including countless services that need to be performed in a timely manner to close efficiently, profitably and securely. The Exchange Service Network is the hub where lenders, servicers and service providers connect, communicate, and handle the details that get deals done.

Implementation makes the most of your solution.

Let the pros at Dark Matter Technologies examine your workflow, and then tap into their knowledge of hundreds of implementations, share best practices, and reimagine the way you work.
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Solutions to help you work smarter.

At Dark Matter Technologies, every associate understands our “why.” If you’d like to know more about our Mission, Vision, Purpose and Promise, we can shed some light on the work we’re doing now, and the new horizons we’re seeking to reach.
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