Empower® LOS Software and innovative mortgage origination technology products such as AIVA® and Exchange are now the foundation of a bold new venture called Dark Matter Technologies. It’s a new company founded on decades of product innovations and industry firsts that have reshaped the way our clients compete. Think nextgen solutions that work seamlessly. Think teams that help streamline the way you work. And now, think about new frontiers.

The mission, vision and promise of Dark Matter Technologies

Rich Gagliano

Join Rich Gagliano, CEO of Dark Matter Technologies, for an inside look at the name and mission of a new company that will guide the industry’s leading solutions.

The technologies and integrations you trust. The performance you expect.

Empower® Loan Origination Platform

The industry-leading, comprehensive, bundled offering that redefines mortgage origination. Empower’s all-in-one functionality provides users with lights-out automation, unrivaled efficiency and exceptional borrower and user experiences in a new era of mortgage lending.

  • Retail
  • Home Equity
  • Assumptions
  • Correspondent
  • Wholesale
AIVA® AI Virtual Assistant

Your Expert AI Assistant for Mortgage Origination. Harness the power of artificial intelligence to automate manual tasks, reduce cycle times, and enhance efficiency in loan processing.

  • AIVA Document Services
  • AIVA Rules
Exchange Service Network

Join the highly trusted platform connecting over 17,000 mortgage vendors with top mortgage lenders, streamlining communication, collaboration, and processing in a secure and compliant manner.

  • Exchange Credit
  • Exchange Verifications
  • Exchange Valuations
  • Exchange Title & Closing & Document
  • Signing Services
Automation & Assistants Centralized Rules Engine

From underwriting to post-closing processes and regulatory compliance, there are thousands of details that can’t be overlooked. Our digital assistants get the grunt work done in a fraction of the time, with an audit trail to back it up.

  • Underwriting Assist
  • Post-Closing Assist
  • Regulatory Assist
Data & Intelligence Integrated Analytics & Insights

You can’t measure what you don’t monitor. Thankfully, we have you covered with data and analytics tools that help you make better decisions—faster. Know your marketplace—and your own enterprise—to a degree you never thought possible.

  • Data Warehouse

A company named for its promise to reach new frontiers.

In the scientific sense, the meaning of “dark matter” parallels the operating principles of our new company. Dark matter is the backbone of the universe that holds galaxies together, connects everything, and brings order—even to the unseen. Dark Matter Technologies is similar and aims to be the invisible backbone behind your mission-critical lending operations, quietly at work holding everything together. Today, our highly scalable solutions harness hidden insights, connect seamlessly to advanced capabilities, automate and propel mortgage originations with unique, market-leading innovations.

A leadership team with decades of industry experience.

The same team that has been instrumental in the success of our leading LOS software is still in place at Dark Matter Technologies. They are poised to deliver innovative new solutions that respond to mortgage industry needs while supporting our existing products and clients.

Innovating for your future.